It's one of the most extraordinary places on the planet, along the southern tip of Africa, where two mighty oceans meet. Like an attraction of opposites, the warm Indian and the icy cold Atlantic oceans connect to create an awesome chemistry! It impacts on the climate and the coastline and extends way into the vineyards of the famed Western Cape.

The Atlantic Ocean that flows along the west coast of Africa is fed by the icy Benguela Current from the South Pole. The Indian Ocean is fed by the Agulhas current coming from the tropics. Clashing yet cleaving to each other, they meet along a brooding, craggy coastline where the air is tangy, bracing and clean.

The presence of the oceans is never far away, reaching beyond the coastline and further inland. Here in the Western Cape, winter rains soak the soils and summer warmth ripens the vines but slowly. Cooling sea breezes and mists lower the temperatures so the grapes can develop in their own time with flavours that are intense and plentiful.

You can taste it in Two Oceans wines: fresh, delicious and full of life.

All Two Oceans wines are made from IPW-accredited vines, farmed according to eco-sustainable principles. From the 2010 vintage, all Two Ocean wines carry the sustainability seal that guarantees production integrity every step of the way from the vineyards to the final pack, be it bottle or box.


The oceans aren't just an important influence on our wines. They also sustain life. That's why we support the Southern African Sustainable Seafood Initiative (SASSI) that helps to improve the conservation status of overexploited seafood in our oceans.